POA Pedestrian Underpass

LOCATION Ports of Auckland    PRINCIPAL Ports of Auckland Limited   PROJECT DATES March 2019 – July 2019

Design and construction of a new single level underground tunnel for pedestrian access, 2m below the water table, passing under a major port arterial road.

Design:  The 73m tunnel consists of a precast concrete culvert section which forms the floor and walls.  The sections are stitched together with insitu concrete joints and post tensioning.  The roof is formed by a 135mm flat slab precast concrete unit used as formwork with a 700mm thick concrete topping, and is supported by 54 concrete filled screw piles which are down an average of 12 metres.  Auckland Factory manufactured all underpass units.  The mould was 2.5m x 2.5m (internal), each culvert cast took 8.8m³ concrete and clocked in at a whopping 22.5t.

Quality: Quality Management was implemented and observed in accordance with our AS/NZS ISO9001 certification. The project met all contractual requirements and standards, and no defects or remedial works were required.  Full QA documentation was provided throughout the works.

Programme: The project was completed ahead of time.

Co-operative team approach:  The works were carried out within the working Port environment.  CSL maintained good rapport with our client, employees and associated contractors.  Effective communication ensured the production, delivery and installation was efficient and completed within the allocated timeline.  A positive outcome was achieved for all with the co-operative team approach.