Longbay Stairs

LOCATION Long Bay Development, Auckland   PRINCIPAL Hicks Bros Civil   PROJECT DATES November to December 2015

Manufacture three Precast Stair Flights with Cast in Edge Beams.  The stairs are 3440mm wide, consisting of 13 rises, of 180mm rise & 330mm tread, with a drainage channel down one side.

Programme: The stairs were all cast and supplied as per the construction timeline and the contract was completed at the tendered price.

Quality: The project Quality Management Plan was observed in accordance with our AS/NZS ISO9001 certification.  No remedial work was required.

Safety:  Supply of the stairs required 307 man hours and was completed without incident.

Delivery:  CSL delivered the three flights of stairs to site, on schedule and without incident.

Co-operative team approach: CSL maintained good rapport with the main contractor. Good communication ensured the production, delivery and installation was efficient and completed within the allocated timeline. A positive outcome was achieved for all with the co-operative team approach.

Administration: All aspects of the contract’s management requirements were met including reporting, communications, financial control and risk management.