Mighty River Power Sheetpiling

LOCATION Waikato River, Control Gates, Taupo    PRINCIPAL Mighty Power River   PROJECT DATES March 2011 to April 2011

Installation of 19.5m of sheet pile retaining wall structure on the right bank of the Waikato River below the control gate bridge. The sheet piling was hardfill backfilled at a constant slope from the river bank to a bench on the river edge.

Programme:  The project was completed with the 3 week estimated time frame.

Budget:  The project was completed within the estimated budget.

Quality:  The project Quality Management Plan was drawn up and observed in accordance with the company’s AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Zero non-conformances were reported and no remedial works were required.

Health & Safety:  Health and Safety Plan implemented and observed in accordance with the company’s secondary level requirements for ACC WSMP. There were no LTIs or serious incidents.

Environmental:  A site specific environmental plan was drawn up to minimise the effects of sediment and erosion into the river, in accordance with the guidelines for soil disturbing areas and Environment Waikato erosion and sediment control guidelines. There were no environmental incidents on this project.