Porters Workshops

LOCATION Arthur Porter Drive, Hamilton   PRINCIPAL Porter Group   PROJECT DATES September 2016 – December 2016

Manufacture and Delivery of 191 Precast Concrete Wall Panels for the construction of Workshops and Office Buildings at the new 22ha. Porter Development in Hamilton.  A total of 3275m² of concrete was required for the precast wall panels. The 8,000m² building forms the new Global Headquarters for Porter Group.

Programme: The panels were all cast and supplied as per the construction timeline and the contract was completed at the tendered price.

Quality: All 191 panels were manufactured as per Engineers design and quality assurance was completed.   No remedial work was required.  PS3 was provided on completion.

Safety:  Supply of the panels required 3,400 man hours and was completed without incident.

Delivery:  CSL delivered all precast panels to site, on schedule and without incident.

Administration: All aspects of the contract’s management requirements were met.

Co-operative team approach: CSL maintained good rapport with the main contractor and associated subcontractors. Good communication ensured the production, including daily factory pre-pour engineer inspections, and panel delivery was efficient and ran smoothly for all involved.