NCC Shared Pathways

LOCATION Prebensen Drive and Taradale Road, Napier    PRINCIPAL Napier City Council   PROJECT DATES October to November 2015

Construction of two new timber shared pathways for pedestrians and cyclists on Prebensen Drive and Taradale Road. Install barrier, timber posts and rail with steel frame inserts.

Structure:  The shared pathway construction involved earthworks, driven piles, structural steel, insitu concrete, timber, drainage, new/relocated services and handrails/safety barriers. CSL managed all aspects of construction, within our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.  No remedial works were required.

Health & Safety:  The site specific Health and Safety Management Plan was implemented and observed in accordance with the company’s secondary level requirements for ACC WSMP.  The works involved piling close to services and power lines. Spotters during service locations and adhering to safety management plan allowed all potential hazards to be mitigated and no incidents occurred.

Environmental Management:  CSL was committed to providing comprehensive Environmental Management throughout the project, with protection of the water course always the highest concern.  Appropriate environmental protection measures, such as silt fencing, spill procedures and careful management of construction materials ensured that all activities were safely carried out within the environmental requirements of the consent. There were no environmental incidents on this project.

Drainage: There was minimal impact to the soil with existing drainage systems unaffected.

Traffic Management:  The project required that we operate adjacent to the existing highway. A specific traffic management plan was produced for this project. The Contractors area was isolated from the public by way of security fencing and display of warning signage. Laydown areas for storage of materials were carefully selected to minimise disturbance and provide the safest access.

CSL had a good rapport with all stakeholders. The project required a collaborative approach from all parties to ensure that the works were completed with little to no interruption to traffic flows.  The project demonstrates CSLs ability to work within a positive and cooperative environment as proposed for this project.

Programme: The entire project was completed within the designated 7 week contract period, including contract award, design, PS1, mobilisation and construction, demonstrating CSL’s efficient programming and implementation systems. There were no subcontractors for the scope listed above.

Comment: Client very happy with finished product.  Work was completed on time and under budget.