Waihuahuakakahi Cycle Bridge

LOCATION Hemo Gorge, Rotorua   PRINCIPAL Rotorua District Council   PROJECT DATES October 2012

Design and construction of a 21m single span cycleway bridge and approaches, forming part of the national cycleway project. The bridge was constructed with steel driven piles, reinforced concrete abutments, structural steel beams and a timber deck and handrails.

Programme: The project was completed within a tight 2 week timeframe.

Quality: The project Quality Management Plan was drawn up and followed in accordance with our ISO9001 certification. There were no defects or remedial works required. The bridge met all contractual requirements and standards.

Health & Safety: Health and Safety Plan drawn up and followed in accordance with our secondary level requirements for ACC WSMP. There were zero LTIs or serious incidents recorded on this project.

Environmental: The bridge was built over the Waihuahuakakahi stream and a site specific Environmental Management Plan was drawn up and followed to minimise disturbance to the stream bed and avoid any contamination from erosion or sediment. There were no significant effects to the quality on the stream after the project works.

Budget: The project came in at the quoted price.

Traffic Management: No traffic management was required on this project.