Pakihi Bridge Replacement

LOCATION Opotiki    PRINCIPAL Opotiki City Council   PROJECT DATES October 2016 to January 2017

Design and construction of a 36m long single span bridge over the Pakihi River. Works included construction of abutment piles, supply and installation of structural steel and supply and install precast deck and insitu deck topping slab.

Key Activities: The project involved; Driven steel piles, Cast insitu concrete, Significant Craneage component, Earthworks, Traffic Management, Demolition of existing bridge, Environmental Management over a sensitive waterway.

Quality/Achievement: A CSL Project Quality Plan was produced and followed in accordance with our ISO9001 certification. There were no significant defects of remedial works required. The contract was a design and build and CSL exceeded the specified requirements.

Time Management: The works were completed a month ahead of schedule, and practical completion was issued prior to the due date.

Health & Safety and Environmental: CSL was committed to providing comprehensive Health & Safety and Environmental Management throughout the project. There were no LTI’s, environmental incidents or any significant non-compliance issues raised during any site inspection by Opus, ODC, or BOPRC staff.

Traffic Management: A specific traffic management plan was produced to control the movement of site traffic and machinery for this project.

Cooperative team approach & Evaluation: CSL maintained good rapport with the client, associated subcontractors and stakeholders.
“The contractor obviously programmed the works well to successfully complete the project ahead of programme. The co-ordination of the works teams involved with the different parts of construction, i.e. bridge piling team, concrete construction team, steel erection team…and placement and demolition of the old bridge was well done”. – T. Rogers, 01/06/17.