Wigram Magdala Link Bridge

LOCATION Wigram Magdala Link, Christchurch   PRINCIPAL Christchurch City Council   PROJECT DATES May 2015 to June 2016

Construction of a 100m long overbridge which joins Wigram Rd and Magdala Pl.   CSL subcontracted to Hawkins Infrastructure and our works involved the construction of a seismically low damage bridge.  This required an Innovative approach to construction as this is the first bridge in the world to adopt this low-damage technology.

Programme:   The project involved construction of a three span Super-T bridge over State Highway 73; an intersection upgrade on busy major arterial roads; and 1.7km of approach roads. The overbridge was completed 2 months ahead of a very restrictive schedule and under budget.

Health & Safety:  A site specific Health and Safety Management Plan was implemented and observed in accordance with the company’s secondary level requirements for ACC WSMP. Zero LTIs or serious incidents incurred. This project has highlighted the standard of safe work in key high risk areas such as working at heights; crane use; working around live plant; and working close to live traffic.

Quality Achievement:  A CSL Project Quality Plan was produced and followed in accordance with our ISO9001 certification. There were no significant defects of remedial works required.

CSL was awarded the “Infrastructure Award Commendation” from the NZ Concrete Society for ‘outstanding achievement in the advancement of concrete practice in design, construction, rehabilitation or research’ for the Wigram-Magdala Link Bridge project.

Traffic Management:  The project required that we operate adjacent to the existing highway and a specific traffic management plan was produced. There were zero traffic incidents on this project.

Public Relations & Cooperative team approach:  CSL had a good rapport with the main contractor, associated subcontractors and stakeholders. The project required a collaborative approach from all parties to ensure that the works were completed with the minimum of interruption to traffic flows. A positive outcome was achieved without any adverse reports.

“Opus International Consultants undertook the design of the Wigram-Magdala Link overbridge and engaged UC to provide technical support and verification for developing the low-damage detailing for the bridge. Scaling up from prototypes tested in the laboratory to a structure of this size presented many challenges, including ensuring the design was visually sympathetic. The main contractor, Hawkins Infrastructure, and their specialist subcontractor, Concrete Structures Ltd, have played an integral role in undertaking the construction of this bridge”